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Rebecca + Mike / Brighton Wedding


“WE give hugs!” said Rebecca to Michael ( my second photographer) and hugged him upon meeting him and myself for the first time. Thats how we started this wonderful day ! The weather threw us a curve ball with pouring rain, thunder and lightning during the Ceremony.  We had to move inside and even though not ideal , nothing was going to stop this wedding from being the happy event that is was! Rebecca was such a beautiful and joyful bride. The party was like no other, everyone dancing like there was no tomorrow. I am sure there will be a lot of family and love around these two for many, many years to come!



Second Photographer: Michael Leaver

DJ & Lighting : Urban Kris Productions

Oksana + Justin


We shot the Engagement Session a few days ago and while i was waiting for them I felt very tired from the two very long weddings I shot the weekend before. Then I saw Oksana step out of their car. I was tired no more. So beautiful!  The wedding is in three weeks and I’m sure she’ll be even more beautiful, if that’s possible, and the two of them will be just as in love ! I can’t wait to share one more day with them!

Rezan + Wissam


Here’s a little bit from the engagement day celebration shoot I had with these two! I’ve known Rezan for a few years now, have done a few weddings for her wonderful family and cannot wait for hers and Wissam’s next year !!! Beautiful couple, beautiful light, Rezan was simply glowing… just love it.



Katie + Chad / Rattlesnake Wedding


This was one of the most joy filled days i’ve had the privilege to be a part of ! Katie was enjoying every second, she was so happy! And so was everyone else. The bright and sunny day was a wonderful reflection of the mood. Katie was simply radiant. Smiles and laughter, love was in the air around them.  The perfect summer wedding! I love you guys!