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Erin + Mike / Dearborn Inn Wedding


I have been incredibly lucky to work with some wonderful people for some time now. Erin and Mike are the perfect example. I believe I smiled throughout the entire eight hours I was with them. Laid back, kind and so in love… Enjoying their day to the fullest, being present and having a wonderful time. One of my favorite ceremonies this year as well. It was heart felt and warm, conducted by two of their friends it made everyone teary eyed one minute and laughing the next. It was personal, intimate and lovely. Just like their entire Wedding on this sunny, September day.

One final note on how perfect Erin looked. Nothing short of movie star. As a matter of fact maybe she is, I forgot to ask.



Second Photographer/ Michael Leaver

Makeup / Steve Oraha

Flowers and Decor / Twig and Berries Event Design

Jess + Nikola / Black Sea, Bulgaria Wedding



I can’t put into words how much I loved being a part of Jess and Nikola’s wedding. Not only because it was on my beloved Black Sea but because of all the people I met for these few days. Their parents, siblings and friends ( some of which came all the way from California and New York, now these are good friends!  I sat next to Jess’ parents during the rehearsal dinner and we talked for a few hours like we’ve known each other for a while. Her bridesmaids were the most fun, joyful and beautiful girls I have met. ( Lora, kade si ) There were a few heartwarming and unforgettable moments throughout this weekend. The gifts at rehearsal dinner.  The  ride to the ceremony where me, my dad and Jess’ dad chased after the Bride and her speedy vintage car, then the Ceremony where quite a few spectators gathered, it was almost surreal….  Bulgarian English, English Bulgarian, some thing got translated, some did not. During J&N grand entrance the MC called in Bulgarian for the Bride and Groom to Brake the Bread, instead Jess kicked the water bucked. Nikola tried to stop her but it was too late. ” I didn’t understand, it was in Bulgarian” she said, they both laughed, kissed and then broke the Pogatcha. Jess got the bigger piece and with it the right to rule household. I know it will be a wonderful one!

So there you have it. I honestly hope to see everyone whom I met, spoke and laughed with again some day. I am sure I will. Here’s a glimpse of our time together.


Casey + Brandon / DIA Wedding


This beautiful and stylish wedding was a pleasure to photograph. Casey and Brandon kept things fun, classic, clean, impeccable. They were both enjoying the moment and each other. There was a lot of laughter and joy. They both live in New York and planing a wedding from out of town is not so easy but  they did a marvelous job. Loved everything about this day but most of all their fun and loving personalities! Casey and Brandon, Thank you !!


DJ and Lighting / GoProDJ


Jamie + Seggie



This Detroit Wedding was absolutely wonderful! Jaime and Seggie chose one of the city’s landmarks to have the ceremony and reception. It was a beautiful sunny day, gorgeous bride, handsome groom and a lot of happy people. I will remember the warm ceremony, the music, the singing the dancing. I mean these guys know how to party and have fun. I wish you guys many, many more happy days like this one!



Second Photographer/ Michael Leaver

DJ & Lighting/ GoProDJS

Rebecca + Taran / Royal Park Hotel Wedding


A beautiful couple of days of wedding celebrations. Rebecca and Taran started with a Sikh Blessing the day before the wedding. I love the colors,  textures and sounds of this tradition.   Saturday did not disappoint either. Rebecca’s dress – absolute perfection. And so was she! Every little detail was well thought out and wonderful. The rain came after  we walked in for the Reception and was done by  the time dinner was almost over. It left behind a heavy, fog like air that carried the light from my flash around these two. Just lovely.

I wish you guys many magical moments together and a long life of happiness!